Thursday 8 November 2018

Early symptoms of hearing loss to beware of !

Hearing loss as any other health condition has a lot of early signs and symptoms that can help you to seek professional help. Some of these below symptoms are early signs to look out for.

  • When you are having a conversation sometimes you may find that the sound is getting muffled along with other noises. If you notice that this problem you must have your ears tested.
  • While watching television you may often have to raise the volume of the television to follow the programs. If others watching with you find that this volume is very loud then it is another indication of the problem. 
  • If you hear continuous ringing sound in your ears even when you are in a lonely place then this condition is called Tinnitus. In this condition you may hear hissing, roaring, whistling, or chirping in the ears.
  • Another indication of the problem may be when you are having discussions with others if you frequently have to ask someone to repeat what was spoken.
  • Other cases which require attention is when you feel pain in one or both the ears then you must visit an audiologist. You may also feel excessive pressure in your ears. 
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People who suffer from hearing loss tend to withdraw from conversations as they feel embarrassed. They may also want to avoid social get together to avoid similar embarrassment.

The causes of hearing loss may vary depending which portion of the ear is affected. Hearing loss owing to the damage in the inner ear generally tends to be of a permanent nature. They must be treated early as such damages are generally permanent in nature. Others may be due to ear infections, build up of ear wax etc. Whatever be the reason once you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms you must immediately visit a reliable audiologist to treat the problem.And may use the best hearing aid to get rid of those problems.



Tinnitus is a condition characterized by the perception of sound in the ears or head without any external source. It can manifest as ringing...