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Identifying symptoms of autism in your child - Sky Speech and Hearing care

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder that starts showing signs in a child at a very young age, within the first few months of his or her birth. In some cases, children show no signs at all and grow up quite normally until 2 years of age when they suddenly show up Autistic signs like a stagnation in learning new skills or they might even seem to forget the skills they once learnt. The earlier the signs are detected in an Autistic child, the better it would be as proper treatments can be started earlier. An early treatment can help the child to overcome the communication and behavioral challenges better. 
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If your child show these signs, then immediately seek for help,

  • They avoid eye-to-eye contact frequently.
  • Their non-verbal communication skills like making gestures, facial expressions and body posture do not develop properly.
  • Some Autistic children even fail to respond when their names are being called.
  • They may face problems in paying attention on the same subject as another person is focussing on.
  • They lack interest in sharing their objects such as toys, or are even unable to play with others. Hence, they like to play alone.
  • Some Autistic children suffer from ‘Echolalia’, that is, they repeat the same words or expressions that they have heard a day or a week ago, over and over again.
  • An Autistic child is found to be flapping his/her hands and rocking his/her bodies frequently.
  • Some children may also indulge in self-injuring activities like eye-poking, head banging, biting their own hands and skin-picking. 
The above information which is keenly analyzed and observed by the experts from Sky Speech and Hearing Care.

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